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Corporate merger Königstein with Circle8

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Corporate merger Königstein with Circle8

The overall rapidly advancing digitalization and IT modernization, cloud transformation and topics such as cyber security / information security, data analytics / artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, which are changing all areas of business and life more and more quickly, pose considerable challenges for both you as our customer and us as your (IT) supplier, which we must and will successfully overcome together with you – as in the past.

In addition to the aforementioned challenges, the ever-increasing shortage of skilled workers makes it difficult for all market participants to recruit and provide the (specialist) expertise that is needed.
In order to be the guarantor of success for you as our customer in this area of conflict between scarcity of resources and the necessary innovations in the medium and long term, as usual, with the optimal staffing and successful implementation of your projects as well as with growth and innovations, we have decided on an alliance with the Circle8 (member of Axiom Partners GmbH). In the course of this strategic decision, Axiom Partners GmbH became a shareholder in Königsteinberatungsgesellschaft für EDV-dienstleistungen mbH.

Today, the Circle8 is one of the largest IT service providers in Europe. During that time, the company has helped more than 12,000 professionals and over 500 clients to grow and maximize their potential.

  • € 980 Million in revenue

  • 12 Markets in which we are active

  • 12.000 People employed every day

International strategy

We believe in Total Talent Flow, the constant migration of ambitious people over ambitious organizations. ’To make it flow is to make it grow’, that’s our belief. But it also works the other way around. International growth offers both our clients and our professionals new opportunities that will help thém grow. That’s why this map will be coloring more and more red the forthcoming years.

Countries with a Circle8 office

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